I Adopted a Baby in Roblox... (help)

07 Th02, 2021
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  • Say it right Robot

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  • Video: listened Comments: *Getting rushed to*

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  • I love the end music it's called dolphin serenade if anyone needs it

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  • Uh you have a son in real life named Seth and your abandoning seth

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  • I want to teleport

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  • This game is sadly a rip off of Adopt me but meh

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  • I’ll help

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  • We don’t have codes anymore

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  • keyin your bot is a girl

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  • You shouldn't play parenthood ROBLOX dude

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  • There was a legend of zelda sound at 1:34 that was cool there was also another one at 7:30 Also there was a super Mario sound at 6:42 cool!

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    • Cool

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  • this game looks like ripoff of adopt me

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  • you can use the chat u know to tell them that u want to adopt them

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  • sorry but this vido is boring

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  • You can also dress up your bot if you press where you found out how to purchase your bot

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  • 15:58

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    Chicken nugget boss plays piggyChicken nugget boss plays piggy17 ngày trước

    Chicken nugget boss plays piggyChicken nugget boss plays piggy17 ngày trước

    Chicken nugget boss plays piggyChicken nugget boss plays piggy17 ngày trước
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